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Accounting and Business

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Business, AS Degree
Accounting, AS Degree


If you are considering a degree in business or accounting, Itasca can be your stepping stone into a dynamic and exciting career. At ICC you'll find small class sizes, which means individual time with instructors and more personal attention.

The Associate of Science Degree (AS) in business or accounting  is designed to give you a foundation in the business field. It also will help you determine what area of business you wish to pursue:

  • Finance

  • Business Administration

  • Marketing

  • Small Business Management

  • Computer Information System

  • Accounting

After you complete two years at ICC you'll be prepared to transfer to a four-year college with a strong foundation in business and/or accounting. The AS degree will transfer to any Minnesota State University as well as many private colleges. 


You can also transfer the AS degree to earn a bachelor's degree from The College of St Scholastica (CSS) right here on the ICC Campus.  CSS faculty members offer four classes on to the ICC campus each semester.  The program is designed so that you can complete a Business Management degree by attending classes full-time for a year .  Find out more about this exciting partnership between ICC and CSS by visiting the ICC-CSS webpage.

The AS degree will help you to enhance your decision-making, leadership and communication skills.  In addition, it offers a foundation in accounting and economics.  Although this degree is designed to prepare you to transfer, you may also be able to find entry-level management positions after completing two years at ICC. The degree would also be beneficial if you are interested in starting your own business.