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In today’s rapidly changing world, the quality of our human communication is often overshadowed by the emphasis modern technology places on the quantity and speed of communication. Speech courses at ICC provide students the opportunity to discover the depth and diversity of human communication. When a student undertakes the study of speech they develop an awareness of context, culture, noise, and channel as important variables in creating effective verbal and nonverbal messages. Whether crafting a presentation to inform or persuade, understanding the fundamental processes involved in interpersonal communication, or exploring the dynamics of intercultural communication, the study of speech is vitally important to personal, academic, and professional success.

Course Offerings

SPCH 1101 Introduction to Speech Communications (3 cr.)
SPCH 1105 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 cr.)
SPCH 1111 Interpersonal Communications (3 cr.)
SPCH 1121 Intercultural Communications (3 cr.)
HUM 1208 International Studies Experience

Employment Information

Coursework in speech and communications provides an excellent liberal arts foundation for employment or additional education in business, education, social sciences, and health sciences. Career tracks of students who study speech and communication often include education (teaching and administration), management, sales, media, social services, health care, public relations/customer service and finance. Sample job titles (some requiring additional education beyond the A.A. degree) include: speech writer, customer service representative, marketing specialist, journalist, fund raiser, human resources specialist, and college recruiter.