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Mother and children stand outside dwelling in African villageSociology examines the complex interconnections between people and their social worlds – both how society influences individuals, as well as how individuals influence society. Topics such as culture, the rich and poor, changing families, crime, and how we develop our values and sense of self are examined.  As common assumptions are challenged, empirical research and critical thinking are emphasized to better understand the historical, cultural, and societal influences on institutions and individuals. The study of our society, culture, groups and institutions turns into a study of ourselves!

Employment Opportunities

A Sociology degree is marketable is a wide variety of fields. Depending on the sociology emphasis, there are job options available in the fields of education, middle management, the criminal justice field, human services, government and politics, non-profits, advocacy groups, international organizations, business and industry…and the list goes on.

Sociology Course Offerings      

Soc 1101 Intro to Sociology (3 cr) Soc 2120 Intro to Criminal Justice (3 cr)
Soc 2101 Contemp. American Indian Concerns (3 cr) Soc 2140 Society and Family Dynamics (3 cr)
Soc 1201 Social Problems (3 cr) MCS 1111 Minority Studies (3 cr)
Soc 2130 Intro to Women’s Studies (3 cr)  

Sociology Faculty

Sally Velzen | 322-2415 | sally.velzen@itascacc.edu
Sally Velzen
Sally Velzen is a life-long learner -  attending St. Paul Vocational, Bethel College, Calvin College, Bemidji State University, and University of Minnesota, Duluth at various times. She earned degrees/certificates in sociology, education, licensed practical nursing, and special education and been employed as an elementary teacher, a Licensed Practical Nurse, daycare provider, high school learning center instructor, developmental education coordinator, reading specialist, and sociology instructor.  She loves to travel around the country and abroad to meet, and learn about, diverse people.  She also loves to read – and dabbles at many things – volunteering, knitting, fishing…