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Physics attempts to describe the natural world in which we live by combining experimentation in science and mathematics. Core concepts in physics include motion, forces, energy, electricity, and magnetism. All physics courses include a laboratory projects designed to reinforce theoretical concepts with hands-on experiences and physical measurements.

Course Offerings

PHYS 1005 Concepts of Physics (4 cr)
PHYS 1101 Fundamentals of Physics 1 (4 cr)
PHYS 1201 General Physics 1 (4 cr)
PHYS 1202 General Physics 2 (4 cr)

Employment Information

Students who major in physics typically teach high school physics or continue to post-graduate degrees. Typically they must choose a specialty within the broad physics topics. A partial list of more common areas of expertise include astrophysics, atomic and nuclear physics, solid state physics, high energy and plasma physics, spectroscopy, biological physics, and computational physics. Physics is also required for anyone interested in engineering, medical technology, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary fields. All physics courses meet the Natural Sciences core competency within the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

Example Job Titles

Professor / Teacher
Scientific Analyst

Faculty Profiles

Get to know the faculty who teach physics at ICC! All of them are also instructors in the ICC Engineering program.