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The study of history promotes the understanding of the past. It provides the skills and perspective needed to think about and understand the world in which we live. Courses in history examine how institutions, ideas, economies, and cultures developed and changed over time. History students will develop critical thinking skills. The study of history will enable students to be citizens who understand the world and how they can play a role in it. Students will learn the methods historians use to draw conclusions and understand the past.

Course Offerings

Hist 1111: European History I (1300-1789) - 4 cr.

Hist 1112: European History II (1789-1945) - 4 cr.

Hist 1131: American History Through the Civil War - 4 cr.

Hist 1132: American History Since the Civil War - 4 cr.

Hist 1142: Native American History - 3 cr.

Hist 1150: History of Science in Society - 4 cr.

Employment Information

A liberal arts degree in history can lead to many careers. Education, journalism, business, museum curator, archivist, and law are a few of the professions that employ individuals with history degrees. Visit www.historians.org/jobs/index for information on professions in which a degree in history is valuable.