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Geography courses at ICC are designed to provide individuals with a background in geography, spatial thinking, mapping techniques, and the ability to manage and utilize geographic information for planning and decision-making.  The courses guide the student in developing a sound approach to geographic inquiry and analysis, and provides the opportunity for students to explore the diverse political, economic, social and environmental interrelationships at local, regional and global scales.  Embedded in the science of Geography is the opportunity to pursue technical components of map production, use and analysis as well as geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and remote sensing software.  In addition to building a foundation of lifelong learning in liberal education, other specialized programs are available (A.S. Geography/GIS, Certificate in GIS, A.A.S. Natural Resources/GIS).

Course Offerings

Geog 1101 Physical Geography (3 cr)
Geog 1104  World Regional Geography (3 cr)
Geog 1108 Cultural Geography (3 cr)
Geog 1200 GPS (1 cr)
Geog 1201 Map Use, Analysis & Interpretation (3 cr)
Geog 1204 Principles of Geographic Information Science (GIS) (3 cr)
Geog 1206 Cartography (3 cr)
Geog 1300 Weather & Climate (4 cr)
Geog 2001 Data Acquisition GIS (2 cr)
Geog 2001 Database Management GIS (2cr)
Geog 2104 Modeling Techniques in GIS (3 cr)
Geog 2107 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation (3 cr)
Geog 2113 GIS Applications (1 cr)
Geog 2201 GIS Internship (1-3 cr)

Employment Information/Career Titles

Geographers place emphasis on understanding the spatial relationships between human activities and natural processes at different scales (local, regional, national, global).  This unique perspective and the ability to apply state of the art technologies towards problem solving make them valuable across a wide number of disciplines from business and emergency services to planning and environmental sciences.  Job opportunities are excellent nationwide and encompass both seasonal and permanent employment. A small sample of career titles include: Geographer, Environmental Scientist, City Planner, Natural Resource Manager, Park Ranger, GIS Technician, Medical Geographer, College Professor, Climate Analyst, Satellite Remote Sensing Analyst.

Faculty Profile

Timothy Fox | 218-322-2364 | Timothy.Fox@itascacc.edu

Tim Fox outdoorsTimothy Fox teaches courses in geography, geospatial technology and natural sciences. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from Humboldt State University in 1988 and a Master of Arts in Geography from San Diego State University in 2001.  His employment record is diversified encompassing positions such as environmental education/outdoor recreation work coordinator, cartographer, environmental analyst, backcountry ranger and GIS coordinator.  He has worked in teaching capacities for most of his career and has been a member or the ICC faculty for over a decade.  Special interests include packing/riding horses in the mountains, interpreting cultural landscapes, making maps and, of course, sitting in the window seat of the airplane.