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Sep 30 - No Classes - Offices Closed

No Classes - Offices Closed

Sep 30

Faculty duty day 6 - Scheduled and Directed by Administration (NHED Duty Day).

No classes - Offices Closed

Sep 30 - Away Volleyball Game vs. Mesabi

Away Volleyball Game vs. Mesabi

Sep 30

Starts at 6:30PM. 

Oct 1 - Away Volleyball Game vs. Vermilion

Away Volleyball Game vs. Vermilion

Oct 1

Starts at noon. 

Oct 1 - Home Football Game vs. Vermilion

Home Football Game vs. Vermilion

Oct 1

At Grand Rapids High School's Noble Field, starts at 3PM. 

Oct 3 - Early Warning

Early Warning

Oct 3

Early warning.

Oct 4 - The Status of Women in Islam

The Status of Women in Islam

Oct 4

Talk: The Status of Women in Islam 

Tuesday, Oct. 4th
Chucker Auditorium. 

Christina Ferdous, a speaker from the Islamic Resource Group in the Twin Cities, will address this question in the context of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the selection for the shared text by the ICC Associate in Arts Program this year. Atwood’s novel was written in the early 1980s, in the wake of the revolution in Iran and the rise of the Religious Right in the United States.  In the novel, fertile women are forced to become handmaids to powerful, infertile couples in a theocratic regime that has taken over the United States. All women in this dystopian United States must wear specific garb, and handmaids wear a hair covering as well. Atwood has called her novel more relevant than ever, and Hulu is creating a miniseries based on it next fall; Atwood has also said that everything in the novel has happened somewhere. Our goal is to consider the relevance of the novel to current debates about religious and civil liberties, women’s rights, and other issues.

The speaker, Christina Ferdous, was born and raised in northern Minnesota, near Brainerd. Raised a Christian, she converted to Islam while attending college as a nursing student. Christina is married and mother of three children. She works at a hospital as a Registered Nurse. She served as the president of the Student Nurses Association, as well as newsletter editor. She is a volunteer speaker for Islamic Resource Group. Christina also volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Rochester Muslim Community Circle (RMCC) as an outreach coordinator. She is currently serving as one of the board of directors of Al Amal, a private Islamic School in Fridley, MN. Christina loves to read, decorate cake and hunt deer.

Oct 5 - Away Volleyball Game vs. Fondu-Lac

Away Volleyball Game vs. Fondu-Lac

Oct 5

Starts at 6:30PM.